Thursday, June 30, 2016

Slowing searches, changing directions, hope and loss...

June has just about ended.  It's not been a good month; lost our puppy. (I know, 17 years isn't exactly a puppy, but he was our puppy!)

The month has brought little progress (If any) with a contact across the sea and a new 2nd? cousin, a Rowland...which, to me, confirms the line we are examining, but there are too many siblings in that time period.  I still need 2 people to check!

If our lines are correct, both parents are gone.  Grandparents have no possibility of being alive!  BUT..there are siblings if these are the right lines.  I pray I can get them to test to make our final determinations.

A Happy Birthday to a family member who probably has no idea that he's related to us:  Sean.  Have a great day, kiddo!  You fast approach the double digits and terrible teens.  To his Mother...:)  (HI, SP!)... I hope you're ready for those teen years.  They've changed so much since we were teens!

The hope for more results seems... distant, now.  I'm turning my searches slightly off, trying to verify some connections, but so far, it's difficult.

Tim, Remember:  I hope you can get that test soon:  I'd like that validation before any more of us leave this mortal coil.  :)  To M.S., I'm still hoping you'll get back to me..  I know you're busy, but an Email address is really a good, solid start!

Have a safe holiday to all of our American citizens... and best to everyone for a safe weekend.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hopes and dreams. Can they be fulfilled?

I have been taking things slowly and carefully. I need more contact than just 1 person, I think. When the names are common, everyday names (nothing like Boris, or Vlad, or Heather, or Bertha), it makes tracking difficult.
You try, on Facebook, for friends with the same names, hoping you can make a connection. It often leads to failure or confusion.
Sometimes, it just takes a lucky break.
You may get blocked out. You may not. You may find yourself disturbing the grave of a long-hidden family secret. It's taboo; you don't know you're doing it.
Back to search. May we not offend in our search for truth. But if we do, let us pray that those who are hurt have short memories and clear consciences.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Warm days, slow progress

June brings warmer weather and summer starts in just a 20 days.  This has slowed our quest for definitive proof of family members.  People are outside, rather than inside.  They're at the pool rather than at the library.  (Library?  What's that?)  They're in the garden, rather than on the computer services.  (Except for politicians, of course, but how can we define them?)

And so our messages to people who might help are going unnoticed, for the most part.


Trisha's very persistent 2nd cousin and sister have managed to connect us to another branch.  And we some some highly cooperative and curious individuals!  The movement has begun!  And we're hoping to see contact with suspected half-siblings and first cousins who are willing to test and not reluctant to accept change and possible chaos for a while.  The appearance of a previously unknown family member can sometimes upset the scheme of things.  Especially if it's proof of someone's indiscretion or infidelity, it may be denial, and it could lead to things coming to light --things that people have tried to forget, or bury.

I can only hope that this doesn't happen in this case.

We've still met a lot of wonderful, accepting family.  I never dreamed that our goal could be realized so quickly.  But still, there's some chance to meet the parents.  Just wasn't meant to be.  But the siblings (or half-siblings) and hundreds of new family will certainly ease the pain.  And if there are pictures, or letters, or messages that were left, 10 to 64 years ago, maybe those can bring new understand of what was really happening.

We search.  We search, not to embarrass (although that can and does happen), but for Truth.  That is the goal.  May it always be so.  

More to come as more comes to light.