Thursday, June 30, 2016

Slowing searches, changing directions, hope and loss...

June has just about ended.  It's not been a good month; lost our puppy. (I know, 17 years isn't exactly a puppy, but he was our puppy!)

The month has brought little progress (If any) with a contact across the sea and a new 2nd? cousin, a Rowland...which, to me, confirms the line we are examining, but there are too many siblings in that time period.  I still need 2 people to check!

If our lines are correct, both parents are gone.  Grandparents have no possibility of being alive!  BUT..there are siblings if these are the right lines.  I pray I can get them to test to make our final determinations.

A Happy Birthday to a family member who probably has no idea that he's related to us:  Sean.  Have a great day, kiddo!  You fast approach the double digits and terrible teens.  To his Mother...:)  (HI, SP!)... I hope you're ready for those teen years.  They've changed so much since we were teens!

The hope for more results seems... distant, now.  I'm turning my searches slightly off, trying to verify some connections, but so far, it's difficult.

Tim, Remember:  I hope you can get that test soon:  I'd like that validation before any more of us leave this mortal coil.  :)  To M.S., I'm still hoping you'll get back to me..  I know you're busy, but an Email address is really a good, solid start!

Have a safe holiday to all of our American citizens... and best to everyone for a safe weekend.

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