Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 4 underway.  But my mind is elsewhere, really. Trish is in the hospital, dealing with health issues that can only be correct (to the human mind) by surgery.  Heart problems are always with the people.  Considering what we know of Trisha's dad's side, it only makes sense for surgery, but it also has the unfortunate appearance of not Trusting in G_D.

I'm still hoping for results this week, so I can bring them to Trish and show her our proof... the maternal search is done...but can't quite yet.

All we can do is wait and pray for the hands of the surgeons to be steady and skillful.  4 hours on a bypass is NOT my idea of good way to spend a day!

Trish won't be (Obviously) voting in the primary.  In some cases, I can't others, I have viewed performance and news.  It does help eliminate...

I'm watching Ancestry like a hawk... I mean, I'm on 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day.  If there's a change in "4th cousin or closer" I hold my breath and click...and usually find 4th cousins.  Hopefully, that will change shortly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Now in midst of week 3.

There are many doc. appointments in the months of August through November. I mean, good grief. There was one in July, Aug had one on the 22nd. There's a hospital stay on the 25th-26th. Another on the 30th. Then September has at least 2 already scheduled. There will need to be another before the 19th of October. Then another on October 24th. And there could be others in that time frame that haven't yet been scheduled. Then another on November 9, and probably 2 more between the 9 and December.
But, those of you who have taken tests...have YOU been on 3-6 times PER DAY, All testing sites and at least 2 times per day for evaluation sites, just because a test is out? That's what I'm doing right now. And then maybe 1 time or 2 per day to other search sites?
I so want those results! And I want to be the first to see them! I don't know if that's bad thing, but it does indicate an obsession. Obsession isn't healthy, but right now it's a part of me.

Things are also tight.  Being on fixed incomes is a pain, especially when they don't make it two weeks before the money runs out.

Also, September is the anniversary month of the date of Trisha's dad's (?) death.  I make that a question mark, only because Tim, paternal suspected half brother hasn't tested yet.  We've been badgering since since contact.  Although, George (one in a string of Georges) tested as a nephew (Trisha's his half aunt), and his father, George (you read that right) was a half-brother of Trish, by George (Do we need a numbering system? ), who was son of George....
George I (George A.)
George II (George B)
George III (George B F-V)) who married a Georgean
And George IV, (George B-V, dropping the F) who's adding a Jr.

Can anyone say "Insanity?"  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

End of Week 1...

Week 1 is over.  It is said that 6 to 8 weeks are needed for results.  For Trish, it was 30 days from send-back date to results.  But the database size has doubled.  And there are many more testing, now, which could slow our process.  Latest date of completion, as calculated, is mid-October.  If we set at a more "reasonable" time,  October 6th.  If we calculate day of arrival at HQ as today, we COULD see results as early as 9-20.  Or, if lucky, earlier.

Trish has a lot of health problems.  The clues are in the DNA.  The DNA connects to the family.  The family has answers.  They will prove vital to treating Trisha's health conditions because we will finally (hopefully!) know what got passed down.

I'm hoping that when my own b-day rolls around, I can call out to those who we are meeting and say, "HI.  I'm you're brother-in-law..."  What a treat that will be!

There's a lot to learn.  There's a lot of missed history.  We'll probably never catch up.  But when we finally get everyone together, there's gonna be a huge party.  :)  Well, maybe not... but party in the hearts...We've been lucky;  so far everyone has been accepting and welcoming.  Not everybody is this lucky!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The countdown begins on Maternal proof.

Got word yesterday:  Suspected sibling has received test, activated and the test is on its way to the lab.

Countdown, therefore has begun.  If it's anything like Trisha's test, We will have the answers by Labor Day.  BUT... there are always possible complications.  The kit could get lost.  It could be determined to contain not enough DNA.  The test could be slow in arrival.  Processing could begin late.  It's all wide open.

I've given 75 days for actual results to come in.  That's October 21st.

There are so many options.
1) matches higher than expected.
2) matches at expected levels
3)  Matches lower than expected.
4 )  Doesn't match except on "X"
5) Doesn't math at all.

If option one, it may be endogamy figuring into the mix.  Or it could be a different relationship entirely.  Or we could find something even more odd.  I'm not counting it out, but it doesn't seem likely.
If option 2, in expected range, we have siblings and maternal mystery solved.  Then, we can create a Lazarus, maybe, to confirm the paternal line, although with the half-nephew confirmation, I think we already have.  But I still want the suspected paternal half-brother to test.  Slow going.

Option 3-  I'm not sure what ranges we could see.  But if it's lower, it could mean first cousin and not sibling.  Or maybe a nibling relationship.  Either is fine, but I think we'd prefer the sibling match.

Option 4-  This would be the most unlikely scenario, I think.  The odds would probably be billions to one.  But if there's a total match on "X", it's still a sibling match.  If less, I don't know what I'd think.

Option 5...this would be the most disheartening option.  But it would mean either the line is totally wrong (doesn't seem likely) or there was a hidden adoption.  Whatever the truth worked out to be, it would mean someone else needs to test.

Countdown underway.  Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

BUT LET ME SAY:  Having seen pictures, I'm certain it's the right line.  Even if our tested turns out wrong, we have 2 others who can verify.

HOPE...  Right now, that's what we have.