Thursday, July 7, 2016

Reaching out.

I have reached out to 2 others. One, I have learned (Perhaps incorrectly) has passed on, so there is no hope of contact. The other DID get back to me. And I anxiously await a phone call from the other side of the Atlantic. A 5 hour difference may cause some difficulty. Hopefully, it's not too much! My biggest hope is that I can get my contact, or one of the known siblings, to do a test. It will give us the information needed to check our equation. The wildcard, which I call "E", is a variable that won't change A and X but will change R. That equation is probably less likely to be (A+X) *E = R, which is the way I have it written, but more complex, involving an Absolute and probably some form of Calculus! X is going to be between 0 and 196. But if it equals 0, that's going to be a problem. "A" needs to be in range of 1400-1800. E, our wildcard is between 1 and -1, but cannot be 0. Fingers crossed. Pray for our best results. Somebody's tree is going to be shaken up if A and X are in range. But if they are, our search... 64 years running... will be over. But that will give rise to the "real" work... constructing an accurate tree!

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