Sunday, July 17, 2016

Possible mistaken Identity

I don't have the correct word...disheartening, maybe? discouraging? I really don't know.
I recently learned that who we suspect as mom -- who was in the US in the early 50s -- returned to the US for a while, to search for a child. I'm told it was in the early 90s -- that could be 90-91-92-93. I'm going to assume 91-92.
One day, out of the blue, Charles answered a call -- a male voice on the other end said, "I have information about your daughter."
Charles had no biological children, and still does not. He said, "I have no daughter," and hung up. Scam, right?
He knew of Trisha's daughter, but didn't make any connection. But the daughter would not have been of an age at which anyone could make contact. She could try, of course... but I've never heard if she did or not.
Fast Forward to this year. It's learned that mom, or maybe mom, had been back in the US. Could Catholic Charities have tried to call and somehow believed that Trish and Charles were father and daughter?
We'll never know for sure. But if Mom had come, where did she look? Did she look in Florida? Or elsewhere? We had been married in late 1990. If this call was in 1991(I don't remember for sure), could they have been Catholic Charities, actually looking for the adoptee?
Or was it truly looking for Trish, as mother? Or was it just a scam?
It is sad to think that the call may have actually been mom looking for daughter, and getting cut off by a misunderstood message.
I hope she looks down from the clouds today, and smiles... I'm praying our answers are right.

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