Sunday, July 10, 2016


Saturday morning (After 2 PM in Great Britain), we got our call.  We worked together.  We're convinced, but I lack the "proof"... DNA evidence.

It has brought me new members to the family.  Sweeney, for one.  Mulloy.  Hodge.

It has narrowed a search for another, person, Rita.  Were both connected to a Riley line.  And that line, I have discovered, connects to a Rowland.  Rowland connects to Mulloy.
It may be solving a Hegeman mystery, too.  It's connection to a Gallagher.  And that's been found at about a 3rd cousin level... which definitely points just one generation back to a line that may connect Anthony Gallagher to our lines.

Hoping for tests!  Praying for results.

Of course, this still has other mysteries to solve.  Trying to convince someone to test at Ancestry, which may provide a clue to her father.. and a crime.  But that aside, there's still plenty to do!

So many have had a hand in this.  Hulbert (Although he doesn't acknowledge). Coleman, Kristin Wood, Dawn F, two branches of a McNulty tree, plus several others that connect with McNulty.  And Corrigan.
Joe B.  And any one and Everyone who has tested so far!  :)

Results, pending.  Answers, I hope, soon.  :)

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