Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Now in midst of week 3.

There are many doc. appointments in the months of August through November. I mean, good grief. There was one in July, Aug had one on the 22nd. There's a hospital stay on the 25th-26th. Another on the 30th. Then September has at least 2 already scheduled. There will need to be another before the 19th of October. Then another on October 24th. And there could be others in that time frame that haven't yet been scheduled. Then another on November 9, and probably 2 more between the 9 and December.
But, those of you who have taken tests...have YOU been on 3-6 times PER DAY, All testing sites and at least 2 times per day for evaluation sites, just because a test is out? That's what I'm doing right now. And then maybe 1 time or 2 per day to other search sites?
I so want those results! And I want to be the first to see them! I don't know if that's bad thing, but it does indicate an obsession. Obsession isn't healthy, but right now it's a part of me.

Things are also tight.  Being on fixed incomes is a pain, especially when they don't make it two weeks before the money runs out.

Also, September is the anniversary month of the date of Trisha's dad's (?) death.  I make that a question mark, only because Tim, paternal suspected half brother hasn't tested yet.  We've been badgering since since contact.  Although, George (one in a string of Georges) tested as a nephew (Trisha's his half aunt), and his father, George (you read that right) was a half-brother of Trish, by George (Do we need a numbering system? ), who was son of George....
George I (George A.)
George II (George B)
George III (George B F-V)) who married a Georgean
And George IV, (George B-V, dropping the F) who's adding a Jr.

Can anyone say "Insanity?"  

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