Saturday, August 13, 2016

End of Week 1...

Week 1 is over.  It is said that 6 to 8 weeks are needed for results.  For Trish, it was 30 days from send-back date to results.  But the database size has doubled.  And there are many more testing, now, which could slow our process.  Latest date of completion, as calculated, is mid-October.  If we set at a more "reasonable" time,  October 6th.  If we calculate day of arrival at HQ as today, we COULD see results as early as 9-20.  Or, if lucky, earlier.

Trish has a lot of health problems.  The clues are in the DNA.  The DNA connects to the family.  The family has answers.  They will prove vital to treating Trisha's health conditions because we will finally (hopefully!) know what got passed down.

I'm hoping that when my own b-day rolls around, I can call out to those who we are meeting and say, "HI.  I'm you're brother-in-law..."  What a treat that will be!

There's a lot to learn.  There's a lot of missed history.  We'll probably never catch up.  But when we finally get everyone together, there's gonna be a huge party.  :)  Well, maybe not... but party in the hearts...We've been lucky;  so far everyone has been accepting and welcoming.  Not everybody is this lucky!

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