Monday, April 18, 2016

Ancestry results

Ancestry results came in quicker than I had hoped.  I begin looking and IMMEDIATELY see the match that will turn the tide, I hope.  It is another match in NY state.  Most hits have been Susquehanna, PA,
but Binghamton is right on that list of top areas.

The match, a man of about 50, is unresponsive.  But he has a partial tree.  It doesn't go back a long way, but it is enough, I think.  cM match is 450, or about 6/5%.  The names to which he is connected:  Hulbert.  Florance.  Silvernail.  Green.   And again, I find I'm looking in the wrong spot!  I have a lot to learn.
I keep my eyes on the Hulbert line.  Well...  Then a new Clapper pops up, and I start think match between a Hulbert and a Clapper.  I really need to stop making such assumptions!

I give my search angel, Jessica, what info I have... she gets to work.  Unfortunately, we don't communicate as much as we need.

I upload results to FTDna, which is the last of the 3 major testing companies which were accepted by Gedmatch.

I make contact with the father of the match Hulbert.  Not too helpful, I fear.  But armed with more info, I'm able to make contact in the future with the daughter of sister of the father of the match... results later, but not what I hoped or expected.  Shows as 3rd cousin, so line is again wrong.

It would be September before we get our next big break. And it would NOT be what was expected!

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