Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Saga continues

January rolled in.  I'd been alternating between Ancestry and 23andme, looking for answers.  THEN I got the Email.

George, whom we had asked to test, let us know the test results were in at FTDna.  That wasn't where I expected, but it's good enough since our results are there.  He tells me it's a "High Match."  OOOOH MY...How high?  It should be reading in "First cousin" area, I think, so I believe that Trish is his Grand-Aunt.  (Also called great-aunt.)
Nope!  It was CLOSER THAN THAT!  721, according to FTDNA.  I asked for him to upload to Gedmatch, because it usually gives a different story.  And it did.  40 cM MORE!  This is about 12%, which is online for first, but there's a pattern... at next generation, that would be about 1520.  This makes his father Trisha's half-brother!  Unfortunately, he long passed on.  This changed the suspected Father, George A, to his son, George B.  And the search heats up.  This is Trisha's dad, I'm sure of it.

I go to a new site, GENI.  There was a man named Champion, with the name of George A in the tree.   Unfortunately, he doesn't have much info, but he directs me to Nancy.  And she is a GOLDMINE of info!
She discovered a son of George B, who is still living... and he's either in NY (Binghamton, again) or in AZ.  I shared this info with Jessica, our search angel.  And she hit the jackpot on FB, find Tim, who is that son, and who IS in AZ.

Oh, boy.  I asked for a test, but at the moment it hasn't been ordered.  Yet the resemblance is there, and he's likely to be a half brother!  Or is he?  Could he be a FULL BROTHER?  This is yet to be answered.

A new Florance relative pops up.  And I am ... disappointed.  I found that he was related to a man whose mother and uncle are related to Trish.  But this isn't the elusive Irish side.  And this eliminated a McGinnis from the mother's side, because she's matching both Randy and Kaylin!  So, she's off Radar as a maternal match.

But other names are popping up.  Another 2 McNulty names.  And one of THOSE is related to a second cousin who hasn't been on Ancestry since 2014.  She's a 3rd cousin to Joe, and a 2nd to Trish, While Trish is a 4th to Joe.  Ain't no answers there.  Only one name that even has an F.  And that's a Ferguson.  But it is 1843.  With Forry, and Fadian, and Feddell, and Farrow on the lists, is it even remotely possible?

That is still to be determined.
But the search still yields surprises.  and I still have a "slight" possibility of solving by Trisha's b-day.  But the odds...well...Better odds on a Mega Millions ticket, I think.

But there IS hope.  I have determined one GGG-Grand line.  But that's one couple of 16.  There is STILL a long ways to go.

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