Friday, April 29, 2016

Where's Perry?

Unfortunately, when you dig in the genealogical bone yards, you will undoubtedly will find some skeletons.  You'll unearth tidbits of information which folks would prefer to forget.

I made contact with the daughter of a woman on Gedmatch.  Match name:  Perry.

This is one time that research was really needed, fortunately, the lady took it in stride.  It seems her grandfather (her mother's father) was an adoptee.  Okay, that's common.  But he met a violent end at age 31.  So, instead of solving this case, I got a new twist to solve at the same time.

The connection, however, seems to be a Florida Adoption.  Bad.  No way to get info from Florida, despite the fact that the adoptee is long gone.  This is why I fight the system.

I've also gotten contact with a Davis line (paternal side) and a McCaffrey (This MUST be a variant of "McCafferty").   Everything does seem to connect via McCafferty.  But as of yet, not real clues as to where.  Well, not exactly.  I got an "Unknown Cafferty" in a GG-Grand location.  But what good is that, when you consider it?

I have some help.  I only hope this can be solved soon.  But searches may go on forever, never be solved.

So, Where's Perry?  Or is it Cafferty?  Right now, the body is 6 feet under.  DNA is likely unobtainable.  And the answer is still hidden.

More to come.  I'm still searching for the buried treasure.  The clues are not yet deciphered.

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