Monday, May 2, 2016

Frustration reigns

3 days in a row, at ancestry, I have mirrored a tree.  Just copied everything I could get up to a point (Usually where the line runs out)

3 days in a row, I connected DNA to the target person to see what I could get.

3 days in a row, I get NOTHING.

Day one:  a tree of someone named South, 4th or 5th cousin, including X-DNA.  And I got ... Nothing.  Not even a "Shared" leaf.  Something must be wrong there, but right now I can't figure it out unless it's the damned upgrade.  I get nothing.  NOTHING.

Day 2.  A DAW tree.  4th or 5th cousin.  no shared matches.  Only leaf is the parents.  Nothing else.  I mean, REALLY.  No matches anywhere!

Day 3.  A tree which contains the name FINK.  4th cousin, according to ancestry.  I get 3 matches, but... Only one shaky leaf at a parent level.
3 matches, but one has no tree, so that's out.  One says 40 people.  Jackpot?  Not even close.  ONE person listed in the tree.  That's it.  Without more info, there is nothing I can do.  I MIGHT be able to find the name, but it seems hopeless.  I may try anyway.
The last match, well... the level contains the whole damn tree.  That's not even useful.

3 days of work.  Three days of disappointment.  I wonder if this is how the Minnesota Tlosers feel...

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