Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ancestry update leads to surprises.

Ancestry did an "upgrade."  Seriously, I debate that term.  In many cases, I have found "upgrades" to be less functional, less accurate.

Trisha's closest maternal-side relative hasn't been responsive and had no "Shared matches."  Then we get a McNulty who does match.  Case, unsolved.  no ideas, yet.

Last night, after the upgrade, I found a name that has been on the cousin list for some time.  But it hasn't been a match.  But now?  Yes, now it is!  Nice.  No tree.  Sad, but somewhat expected.  Then a new match, a MARYPAT.  Again, no tree.

I sent out a couple of introductions.  I hoped to see responses this morning.  I logged in, and there is a reply.  But it's not from either of the two emailed the day before.  It's our closest match, Maternal.
Some disappointment when I learn she's an "A-syndrome" baby-- ie, adopted.  BUT she's got contact with her mom, a decade long.  Since this is likely a second cousin, that means Great-grands for a match.  But she has little info.

I'm still happy!

So, I'm looking at a line back one from Goggin-White.  Go two, for good measure.  But who are the parents of Teresa White?  Who are the parents of James Goggin?

Also, learned more about the previously unconnected line.  Could be Scottish, but not too likely.  4th cousin.  Still no reply from the other.  Not yet.

Really, a baby-step forward.  Closer to solved, but no closer to solved.  

Now, it's a waiting game, again.  Information...  that last clue, maybe, to finding this last dot to connect.
But as Yogi Berra would say, "It ain't over till it's over."

I wanted this solved by Trisha's b-day.  Not yet.  But unless there is an absolute miracle the extent of parting the Red Sea, it won't happen.  Her Birthday is tomorrow.

Next target date is November.  6 months.  Anything can happen.

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