Thursday, May 5, 2016

Continuing the path

Today is Trisha's B-day.  That's another year without knowing FOR SURE who everyone is and where they fit.

But the funnel is narrowing slightly.  We're trying to find siblings of 2 people--but Irish lines are so convoluted and tangled that they rival a Gordian Knot.  Problem:  The lines and info just doesn't seem to exist in normal channels.  Nothing at Family Search.  Nothing at Ancestry.  Nothing at Geni.  Nothing at FTDna.  And nothing at 23andme or DNAland.  NOTHING.

At least we know something.  But I just checked one Irish family at starting point of 1799 and 1808.  And do you know what I get?  8 CERTAIN children, plus one who is less certain because his mother would have been over 50.  This isn't impossible, but it IS unlikely!

Somewhere along this line of 8 or 9 kids, (probably well over 400 people when brought into the 20th Century (And THIS, I know, is 21st!) fits that closest cousin...  Is a a Goggins sibling?  Or a White?  Or is that Goggin and Whyte?  Believe me, the spellings are enough to confuse anyone.
And then there's possibility of falsifying info and human error.

I still am hopeful that something even closer will show.  But hope doesn't catch the prize.

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