Friday, May 13, 2016

Lost in Space?

I've connected our probable tree to Trisha's alleged mom.  And, as of yet, not a single hint to verify that this line is right.  NOT ONE!

If "FROBIN" is fitting where he's supposed to be fitting, then why isn't he showing up?  How is it that our closest maternal match is not connecting there?

I was directed to some pictures of the alleged line.  They do look very much like Trish.  But why aren't these connections doing anything?  is it a marriage connection?  Or is there an NPE we don't yet see?

I can't say it's the wrong line, at least not yet.  But, where's the McNulty line?  Where's the McNealy line?  Is this Gallagher line correct?  I'm assuming the Cafferty (Or is it Cafferkey?) line is right, but then where's the Kilbane line?

Of course, Ancestry's recent changes are possibly behind the slow results...or not.  We just don't know!

We continue watching the sites.  23andme has really gotten screwed up!  At one time, there were almost 1800 matches.  Now it is barely 1600!  And that's with "new matches" of at least 70 people!
Something is gumming up the works.  What?

On of our connections seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth, but it could just be the time frame.

However, we DID learn the side of one person who I always thought was on Trisha's mom's side.  Nope.  Dad's.  And one line vanished, and we're unsure who this feller was who wasn't ready for fatherhood and left his pregnant bride behind.

Is the answer here?  Or are we just chasing our own tails?

Time will tell.  And I hope it's not been a waste.

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