Sunday, May 8, 2016

Zeroing in?

I have contact with 3,4, 5 people... not sure how many... all of them are on the case here.

Is it the maternal line of the maternal line?  Or is it the paternal line of the maternal line?  This question is being evaluated by a half-dozen methods.

We've learned, however, that one of the offspring of a sibling of that Great-grandparent set had, or may have had, 2 children that were placed for adoption.  Was Trish one of them?

There's a large (but speculative) Tree, and DNA is attached...but no hints on the maternal side.  It's all paternal.  The whole thing.

Does this mean it's on the Paternal Branch (which is not entered, yet?)  No.  It DOES mean that maybe nobody has tested yet that's close enough to show on a hint.  But some names in the tree HAVE shown, and I can't help wondering if those are the same people who are tested.  They don't have the DNA at Ancestry.  They have it elsewhere.

All eyes are currently on one possibility, but this doesn't mean the others are being ignored.  I need more data!

Working together:  Me, Joe, Mike, Dawn, Ann...  plus others...something is going to break.  I just hope it ain't my sanity!

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