Saturday, May 7, 2016

Anomalous DNA inheritances cause confusion

DNA may be a science, but inheritance is not.  We have quite a few unexplained matches at levels that confound  the novice and baffle the experts.  I'm constantly told that, "There's an unreported NPE" or "There's endogamy."  But no explanation is proven -- it's all speculation, hypothesis.

This is just a start, and there are likely to be more found.

E_H.  2nd cousin.  470 cM, high for a second.  but it's not 1/2 first.  And it's not 1st. And it doesn't fit at 1C1R.

P_L_S.  1st cousin to E_H.  shares 146 cM with Trish.  that could be 2C1R, but not in this case.  Really too low for a 2nd.

KHL.  Shares 128 or 121, depending upon tests checked.  Likely 2C1R.  But the paper trail gives 3C1R.  Once again, very odd.

JC:  Uncle to KL.  3C to Trish, even though 2.34% is shared.  Once again, just strange.

BW, DW, JW, and KW:

This is a baffling one.  I keep getting told that it's "Probably an undocumented NPE".  Yet I find the matches on both sides, and more distant to the side where the match is.

BW shares 255, JW  shares 186, DW shares 188, KW shares 96.
BW is the father to the others, KW and DW are full sibs, brother and sister, JW is a half-brother.
But the paper trail shows matches to KHL and EH, more distant to KHL, even though our path shows the connection on that side.
BW shows as 5C1R, The others show 6C!

CR-  Spotted this morning.  56 CM on 2 segments.  Predicted 4th cousin.  But when you run it through the course, it's not that.  It's 6th.

Are there this many NPE?  Could there have been this many affairs or adoptions?  And all hidden?  It seems unlikely, but I can't explain the readings.  The answer I get from researchers, Genealogists and the like:  "There's something going on."  To that, I can say "DUH!" LOL.

Whatever is going on, the answer is a mystery.  Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

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